About the company

KOBEX specialises in professional design and prefabrication of steel structures, in particular large-surface steel buildings and roof shelters. We are a Polish company with Polish capital and staff. Our products meet the highest European standards. They are assembled on site and present in many locations, also outside the country. We use the latest software for design and production of our products, and advanced machine facilities operated by qualified and experienced personnel for prefabrication. All our products are subject to strict quality control to make sure that the buildings we make will be serviceable for decades.

Products and services

Apart from production and assembly of structures we offer construction of foundations, installation of enclosures, skylights, woodwork, gates and doors, and construction of industrial flooring. Thus we provide a full range of services in the area.

Making a decision about an investment as large as construction of a steel building takes time and requires special caution. We offer professional consulting services, designer’s analyses and renderings of planned building in order to meet the needs of our customers

Mission and vision

The structures we build are made for a specific purpose. Each and every one of them has to fulfil a role defined by the investor. Our buildings house comprehensive machine facilities. They often serve as production plants, warehouse buildings, cold stores or stables and typical farm buildings. We know that the buildings that we make for our customers largely define the further development of their business. This is why the buildings need to be adjusted to the individual needs of each and every customer, as well as optimised and economical so that the investment pays for itself as soon as possible. This has gradually become our mission. It enabled us to come up with a vision of our company as a place where knowledge and experience make up high quality products at optimum prices that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.