Building permit.

The commencement of each construction project should be preceded by obtaining an appropriate permit from the poviat starosty. In order to obtain it, you need to take several appropriate steps and prepare full documentation attached to the application. Below, we present a few steps that each investor must take and a list of documents necessary for the correct submission of the application.


One of the first steps should be to submit an application for a decision on building conditions and land development in the Commune or City Office. It usually takes 14-30 days to issue this decision. However, if the plot is already covered by a development plan, this time may be shortened.


The next step is to obtain an appropriate situational map made by a surveyor with appropriate qualifications. The map should contain the objects and installations already existing in the area.


Another important step is to create an architectural design for the newly planned building, including land development, media connections and road communication. When creating a project or choosing its ready version, pay attention to the conditions included in the spatial development plan, so that the future facility meets the official requirements.



Each construction project should be printed in four copies. One of them must remain in the office, the second goes to the starosty, the third is replaced by the construction manager, and the last one is kept by the investor.


An important element in obtaining a building permit is obtaining the technical conditions for the supply of utilities (such as electricity, gas, water or sewage) and obtaining the opinion of the Design Documentation Reconciliation Department. This opinion includes the determination of the distance between all designed objects in relation to the already existing or neighboring plots. Documentation for ZUDP is prepared by the architect.


Depending on the requirements contained in the decision on building conditions or land development, it may be necessary to meet certain conditions or provide other required documents - such as the opinion of the Monument Conservator.



The final stage is the submission of an application for a building permit. The required documentation should be accompanied by the previously mentioned:

  • four copies of the construction design with opinions, agreements, permits and other documents required by specific regulations and the adapting architect's certificate of membership in the Chamber of Professional Self-government, which is valid as at the date of the design development,
  • a statement on the right to use the property for construction purposes,
  • a decision on building conditions and land development, if required in accordance with the provisions on spatial planning and development
  • an excerpt from the land register for your plot and the neighboring plot,
  • technical conditions for the delivery of utilities.

The application form can be obtained at the office, or it is often enough to download it from the office's website.

The decision can be expected up to 65 days from the date of submitting the documentation. However, if errors in the forms or any ambiguities are detected - this period may be extended.

The construction for which the permit has been obtained should commence within a period not longer than 3 years from its issue.

We hope you find the above information useful. If you have any specific questions regarding the construction of the hall, please contact our sales department. Our specialists will be happy to answer any question.