As a rapidly developing company we are constantly looking for new challenges. We are open to cooperation and interested in the offer of subcontractors (in particular, in terms of construction services), and proposals of general contractors who seek subcontractors for the execution of different types of steel structures – including utility poles.

We encourage in particular the following individuals to make enquires and proposals:

1. Architecture studios

As a company operating in the construction industry we work alongside architects and architecture studios from entire Poland on every project. We have our own design studio that employs several experienced engineers who supply construction designs. Please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to make your visions come true.

2. Producers of troughed sheets and sandwich panels

These days troughed sheets and sandwich panels are the most popular components used as an enclosure of buildings based on steel structure. We are interested in regular cooperation and purchase of large quantity of high quality products.

3. General contractors of large-surface buildings

As a company specialised in the prefabrication of steel structures we are interested in establishing cooperation in the construction of large-surface buildings, such as shopping centres, factories or logistics centres. We have considerable experience in this area.

4. Installers and general construction companies

KOBEX constructs buildings in the entire Poland and abroad. To this day we have constructed around 1000 buildings of varying degree of complexity. With that said, we are looking for solid and proven subcontractors for the assembly of our structures, enclosures, woodwork, installations, flooring, for brickwork and construction work. Should you be interested in establishing cooperation, please contact us.