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    We are a Polish company with Polish capital and staff.

    Our steelwork structures comply with the most stringent European standards.


    What we do?

    Kobex is an engineering company that fabricates and erects steel buildings and steelwork structures. We pride ourselves on many years of experience and knowledge that guarantee both high quality and optimal prices of our products. As we are constantly developing and expanding our areas of expertise, we have used our modern equipment resources over the recent years to complement our product range with cladding cassettes and frames for solar farms. We are committed to giving our customers the opportunity to grow, which is why we put quality first when doing our job.

    Our guiding principles

    We wish that our clients gain their desired results with our help. Read the set of values KOBEX commits to to achieve this:

    • INTEGRITY – we keep our word, we deliver on each of our partner commitments. This has been the foundation of our operations since the company was founded.

    • PERSEVERANCE – we do not abandon our work midway through. We always pursue our targets, tackle all obstacles and take important decisions when it matters.

    • JUSTNESS – a major valuein our approach to cooperation with business partners and employees. A fair play approach means long-term relationships and work efficiency.

    • FLEXIBILITY – do you think your vision is impossible to fulfil?We do not shy away from demanding jobs, as every business proposal is another opportunity for us to grow.

    • EMPATHY – we understand you.We treat each client individually, so that a deep insight gives us the understanding of what result you are looking for.



    Kobex - Good because Polish

    Learn more about our history


    Then FPUH KOBEX starts supplying pre-engineered steelwork structures


    Our headquarters are being built


    Working at our main fabrication site, the welding shop commissioned


    FPUH KOBEX Stanisław Rembisz renamed Kobex Sp. z o.o.


    A new building for our engineering team

    Why Choose Us:

    • Large projects for FLUKAR, BC-CHEM, HALSAG, to name a few

    • More than 10 years of experience in the steel industry

    • Full commitment and collaboration towards project completion

    • Quality conformance to PN-EN 1090, certified

    • Polish capital and staff

    • More than 2000 overall for both large and small businesses


    years on the market


    total buildings produced

    At 140

    buildings per year, KOBEX builds a new one every three days


    tonnes per month feasible production capacity


    regular customers

    Solve your company's logistics issues by choosing a custom-tailored steelwork structure building. Make free space for the introduction of more products to your range and gain new customers.

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