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    Our façade panel system offers a modern form of surface finish for both new builds and thermal upgrades to existing buildings. It integrates a wide spectrum of architectural form and colour with a unique visual effect when combined with other types of technology.

    We use top quality materials in our production process which, combined with modern equipment resources, ensures that a final product has consistent parameters and performance values for high durability and impeccable look of the façade.
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    Name: Façade panel

    Steel grade: S390 + Z275/ aluminium EN AW 5754

    Steel thickness [mm]: Steel 1.20/1.50; Aluminium 2.00/2.50

    Coating and colour range: 60 μm polyester powder surface, available in all RAL colours

    Dimensions of façade panels

    Dimension A [mm]: 350 to 2000

    Dimension B [mm]: 350 to 1000

    Dimension C [mm]: 30 to 60

    Joint width (grout) [mm]: from 10 to 40


    Kolor ashy gray
    Ashy Gray

    Kolor graySimply Gray

    Kolor dusky gray
    Dusky Gray

    Kolor pure white
    Pure White

    Kolor dusky gray
    Vine Red

    Façade panels are an excellent way to enhance the appeal of any building. The panels can be used to create a unique and utterly engaging design pattern that will blend in perfectly with any modern architecture. The products are an ideal opportunity for customers eager to stand out from the rest of competition and underscore the company’s position.
    The panelled façade sends a strong message, as it demonstrates the professional character of the brand and the owner’s good taste.

    We offer high-quality façade panels with excellent technical performance. The products are made of high-quality steel or aluminium, making them resistant to mechanical damage and changing weather conditions. Our panel systems with integrated concealed fasteners are available in a wide range of colours, shapes and surfaces, which provides numerous design options. You can use them to decorate façades on buildings with various functions, such as offices, commercial or public utility buildings.

    ściana z kasetonów elewacyjnych

    Steel panels are modern products with many advantages. The cladding systems are very simple and convenient to install on any wall, including older buildings. The adjustable steelwork subframe ensures that every unevenness in the base can be levelled out.
    Profiles and panels are made of the same material for the effect of a uniform, attractive surface. The façade panel system complies with the highest quality standards. The panel surface is protected from adverse environmental impacts and external conditions with a high-quality anti-corrosion coating.

    Our panels for façades boast high-precision workmanship, ultimately consistent dimensions and long service life with relatively low maintenance costs. As energy-saving products they ensure excellent insulation against heat build-up in summer, whereas protecting the building against heat loss in winter.
    They are essentially versatile, as you can apply them for structures made with any construction method.

    The steel panels are of high aesthetic and functional values.

    Smart appearance, durability and high functionality are the qualities that make the panels ideal for use both on residential buildings, the walls of modern office buildings, public buildings and the front walls of industrial, commercial, production or warehouse buildings.

    We offer excellent product quality and technical support at every stage of the project.

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    Files to download:

    Maintenance and use instructions:

    KOBEX DESIGN PANEL – instrukcja konserwacji.pdf

    Installation instructions:

    KOBEX DESIGN PANEL – instrukcja montażu.pdf

    Façade Panels Range:

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