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    We have built more than 2,000 buildings in Poland and abroad

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    Our steelwork structures have one of the strongest positions on the market. This has been possible thanks to both our excellent structural designs and proficient and accurate workmanship. As we worked hard over the years to specialise in the engineering and fabrication of steelwork structures, we are now capable of producing any type of steel building or large-size canopy that conform to all European standards.

    Selected work

    We work in all-round projects, from the creation or development of the design, to the fabrication of individual parts, to erection.


    We design primarily steel buildings and steelwork structures some of which are presented below. Because we are expanding our production, please keep abreast of our oncoming news which will showcase our façade works using cassette systems and structures for solar farms.



    "We would like to express our satisfaction and satisfaction with the course of our cooperation to date with KOBEX SP. Z O.O., ... which has been performing production halls for us since 2018. The cooperation to date has been characterised by punctuality, very good contact, accuracy of the work performed and affordable price. Thanks to the support of the specialists of KOBEX SP. Z O.O. we were able to complete the construction of the production halls on time and without any problems (...)"

    Kartel S.A.

    (...) the execution of the contract was successful, on time and to a high standard, starting with expert advice during project execution, the high quality of the hall's steel construction components and continuing through to assembly (...)


    ...Considering the above, we recommend this company with full responsibility for similar investments.




    FPUH Kobex demonstrated a high level of technical, organisational and professional workmanship.


    We conclude that all works and contractual obligations were carried out on time and to a high standard of quality.


    We conclude that KOBEX has fulfilled the entrusted work in a timely manner and that the delivered construction has been executed in very good quality. This is due to this company's strong technical capabilities and excellent equipment and workshop facilities.

    Henryk Raj

    The work was carried out in a professional manner, with due diligence and within the timeframe considered.


    The commissioned investment task was completed on time and in accordance with the terms of the contract. We perceive the FPUH Kobex Stanisław Rembisz company as a solid and reliable partner.

    Stal Impex Sp. z o.o

    We confirm that the tasks entrusted to the company KOBEX Stanisław Rembisz were performed in accordance with the terms of the contract, professionally and reliably. We recommend the company KOBEX Stanisław Rembisz as a reliable and proven partner in the preparation and implementation of construction investments.

    La Decima

    We are fully satisfied with the contact and complete professionalism received from Kobex with full satisfaction and conscientiousness we recommend Kobex to other investors.


    The contractor, Kobex Sp. z o.o., fulfilled the contract fully and on time, the works were performed to a high technical and quality standard (...) taking into account the company's competitive pricing, we can recommend Kobex Sp. z o.o. with full responsibility to other investors.


    We conclude that all works and contractual obligations were carried out with due diligence and punctuality. FPUH Kobex demonstrated a high technical and organisational level and professional execution of works.

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