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    The construction of a hall is a major challenge that keeps many investors awake at night. Such an object has to perform many tasks, related to the specificity of the activity of a given company and the changing needs of the market. Therefore, it should be functional and useful in every respect and meet all the expectations and needs of the Entrepreneur. When choosing a hall, it is always worth choosing high quality, and these are undoubtedly modern steel structures. These are structures that are far superior to traditional masonry construction as they are quicker and cheaper to build, but these are not their only advantages.

    Why choose steel structures?

    Steel halls are ideal for many types of activity. They are used by industry, manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, modern warehouses and logistics centres. Steel buildings can be installed quickly and efficiently at the chosen location, as their construction consists of modular elements, prepared in advance and properly secured. Thanks to modern construction technology, the construction time can be as short as two weeks.

    A major advantage of a steel building is that it can be installed in any weather conditions and can be extended, dismantled or even moved to another location. Steel structures are modern, functional, robust and durable, so they are an excellent solution for any business. There are a number of steps that need to be taken before construction can begin, which are important stages in this type of investment. Warehouse halls and logistics centres – selection of an investment plot An investment such as the construction of a steel hall must be preceded by the selection of a suitable plot of land for development.

    First of all, it is necessary to check whether a local spatial development plan has been adopted for the land. If there is no such document, an application for its issuance should be submitted. This specifies detailed guidelines, such as the size and intensity of the development. The size of the investment plot must be adapted to the dimensions of the hall and take into account the traffic routes, the storage and loading area or free access to the docks and tramp.

    A very important issue when choosing an investment plot is whether it is equipped and whether there are available utilities, such as gas or water supply. One should not forget about geotechnical surveys, which determine the suitability of the site for the construction works of a given investment. In order to ensure the safety of the project, one should make sure that the area is not located in floodplains and that there are no protection zones for power lines, gas pipelines or high-pressure oil pipelines.

    What is the design and construction of a steel facility for a logistics centre and warehouse?

    Prior to construction, a precise design of the hall must be drawn up, strictly adapted to the activity in question. The design office must obtain precise information on the purpose of the hall, its dimensions, the zoning of the facility, taking into account communication routes, distribution and handling areas for goods.

    An important element at the design stage is the determination of the insulation system and the type of joinery to be built, as well as the separation of social and office spaces for the employees. The design is followed by the construction process, where the first step is the construction of the foundations, adapted to the geological conditions of the site and the industrial floor.

    The next stage is the delivery of the finished components to the construction site and their professional assembly. What does professional installation of steel structures involve? Before installation, the site must be properly prepared. There will be all sorts of construction machinery on site, such as cranes, forklifts and scissor lifts, so the ground must be well-paved and levelled for the work to be carried out safely. Adequate site preparation is crucial for fast and efficient installation, which must be carried out by an experienced construction team. This is followed by the delivery of the steel components to the site and their assembly, where the installation of the main frames is carried out by crane.

    The halls are assembled from prefabricated steel components, where the skeleton is formed from sheet steel frames and consists of posts and rafters. The profiles for the frame posts and transoms are joined first, the posts are positioned and levelled, and then the wall transoms are attached to them using fasteners. The frame transoms are attached to the columns, and the roof purlins to them. This creates the skeleton of the hall in which the inter-panel braces and the wall and roof bracing are additionally attached to fill and stabilise the structure. Finally, a tie-beam with a hanger is installed to reinforce the entire skeleton of the structure, as well as internal columns and transoms, which support the gable walls. Exterior cladding is fitted to the finished structure. An important action is to protect the structure from corrosion and fire.

    Logistics centre and warehouse – what are the best construction solutions?

    Warehouses and logistics centres are specialised buildings with their own specific needs. Modern, economical and proven structures are used for these buildings, based on hot-rolled I-sections, with and without steel tie-beams between the trusses. This makes it possible to achieve a simple and durable structure with a pitched roof up to 36 metres wide. Lattice structures are also very popular, and are ideal for much wider structures. They allow the construction of a flat roof that is resistant to overloading, such as wet and heavy snow. The type of structure cladding is also an important consideration. Valued and proven solutions include sandwich panels with polyurethane filling and panels with mineral wool filling, which have excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as trapezoidal sheeting, used when the building does not require insulation. Very important structural elements include the selection of appropriate joinery, such as the correct width of the gates, which is crucial for productivity when building logistics centres and warehouses. Tailor-made steel hall Modern steel structures are ideal for warehouses and logistics centres, as they provide optimal conditions for efficient warehousing, delivery and transport processes. By using the most economical and proven solutions, a controlled and free flow of stored products is guaranteed. Maximum utilisation of the facility’s space ensures high productivity and meets all business objectives. Any Entrepreneur who decides to build a logistics centre or warehouse from prefabricated steel elements will see that it is the best possible investment, as steel structures are strong, durable, functional, aesthetically pleasing and safe to use. It is a tailor-made investment that will last for many years.

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