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    The automotive industry is a sector of the economy that is growing rapidly. Manufacturers are offering newer and newer models of brands and the number of cars on the streets is constantly increasing. As a result, users’ need for service centres is increasing. Workshops are very busy places, with work going on all year round. This high demand means that there will be constant new challenges for the automotive industry. Modern steel halls are the perfect solution to meet the growing needs of the market.

    Steel hall – why choose it?

    Steel structures are modern buildings that have very many advantages. They are an excellent alternative to traditional masonry construction as they are significantly cheaper and quicker to build. However, the long list of advantages does not end there. They are robust, stable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. Their additional and important advantage is the possibility of expansion, which is of great importance for entrepreneurs planning to expand their business in the future. Interestingly, such structures can be completely dismantled and relocated, something that cannot be said for traditional walls.

    Workshop hall – what does it involve?

    The basis of any construction project is a carefully prepared design. The contractor must obtain detailed information from the Investor on the size of the planned investment, the size of the hall and the spatial development, taking into account the traffic route for vehicles, the number of workstations and the necessary equipment. Once all the data has been obtained, the design office proceeds to implement a professional design that meets all the needs and expectations of the Entrepreneur. The process of building the workshop hall begins with the fabrication of the steel elements and protecting them from external factors. This is followed by the construction of the foundations and industrial floors to suit the type of terrain, the installation of prefabricated steel elements, the construction of the cladding and full joinery, including doors, gates, skylights and windows. A very important part of the workshop hall is the office.

    Workshop hall with office – an economical and convenient solution

    It is very important for entrepreneurs to concentrate all their activities in one place. It is important to create space for social and office facilities, which is why the project should include such a solution. The presence of an office allows the business to be run efficiently and effectively.

    Administration, receiving customers, invoicing them for services or collecting receivables are among the many tasks performed by the office staff. The workshop hall with office facilities is the business card of the company, so the Contractor should take care of its functionality and high aesthetic value, offering the Entrepreneur optimal structural solutions. The combination of a steel hall and office facilities streamlines the entire work process and ensures quick access to necessary documentation. A workshop building with office facilities is constructed on the basis of an optimised structural solution. A very good, popular and economical choice is a structure based on hot-rolled I-sections, without and with steel tie-beams between the trusses. This solution is ideal when the entrepreneur needs a simple and durable structure with a pitched roof up to 36 metres wide. Proven and popular solutions include the use of a lattice structure, which is the ideal choice for wider structures with a flat, load-bearing roof. A very big advantage of such constructions is the efficient use of workshop and office space, as the usable area is without tie-downs or supports.

    Facility for workshop and office – what other solutions?

    A workshop hall with office space can have modern and visually very attractive different types of structural cladding. Very interesting solutions include cladding made of sandwich panels with polyurethane filling and panels with mineral wool filling. This is ideal for workshops with year-round operations, as such products have excellent thermal insulation properties and good sound insulation. The panels can be chosen according to the type of thickness, the installation method, which can be horizontal or vertical, and the visibility of the connector. The hall is protected against corrosion and fire, making it durable and safe to use.

    Workshop hall with office – made-to-measure

    Such a facility offers a wide range of applications for all Entrepreneurs offering their services in the field of repair, servicing or periodic car inspections. The steel hall is characterised by very good technological parameters, making it comfortable to work in at any time of the year. This solution is extremely convenient and very cost-effective, as the facility generates low operating costs, is functional and has an attractive design.

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