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    The steel hall is a modern structure increasingly being chosen by Entrepreneurs from various industries. This solution is not only practical, but also very economical. Modern steel structures are far superior to traditional masonry construction, as they are faster and cheaper to build. This is why investors are choosing to build such structures, and it is the right decision. However, there are many more advantages. Why choose such structures? Where do you start when deciding to build a hall and how to functionally design it? You can find the answers in the following article.

    Steel hall design - the basis of any successful project

    In order for a steel hall to be built, it must first be designed. This is the first and most important step, on which the functionality of the building and its future comfort of use depend. The modern design of a steel structure is based primarily on data obtained from the investor. The entrepreneur must specify the purpose of the hall, its dimensions and provide the designer with all the necessary data on many issues, such as number of workstations, arrangement of machinery and equipment, traffic routes or other space management, depending on his needs. Remember that a steel hall can be used for a variety of tasks. It can be an inventory facility, a warehouse, a production plant or even a workshop or hangar.

    Modern steel hall design - what does it involve?

    The most important step is to choose the right construction company that employs high-calibre technologists and structural engineers. Placing such a serious investment as the construction of a steel hall in their hands is the only and best solution. Such specialists will take care of the highest quality of the designed structure and develop a design precisely tailored to the needs of the Investor and the development of his business in the future. A very good choice is Kobexstal, which designs modern steel structures based on Eurocodes. All designs are site-specific and take into account the geological conditions of the site. In addition, they meet high Polish strength standards. Thanks to top-quality software from Construsoft, Dlubal and Cadsis, the designs are very precisely developed and in line with the future specifics of the company in question.

    What are typical steel hall designs?

    At Kobexstal, the Entrepreneur can take advantage of proprietary structural designs, which are created entirely by the design office. Such designs are optimised in terms of construction costs and strength, so that they are not only economical, but also strong, stable and functional. Typical designs are proposals with different dimensions, which are variants of large-scale buildings. Thanks to this solution, the investor can perfectly adapt them to his individual needs. The advantage of such designs is a quick realization time, low investment cost, the possibility of choosing different construction solutions, a large selection of available dimensions and the adaptation of the object to different climatic conditions and optimisation of the hall's functionality. With so many advantages, typical designs are a very good way of acquiring additional floor space for any type of business, such as a warehouse, agricultural hall or animal farm.

    What are the characteristics of individual steel hall designs?

    In some cases, typical solutions are not enough, as the Entrepreneur has more demanding needs that can only be satisfied by an individual design. It is strictly based on the needs and expectations of the Investor. This type of design offers a wide range of construction possibilities in terms of the size and shape of the building and is optimised in terms of economy and durability. The individual design meets all quality requirements and is adapted to snow and wind zones. There are many advantages to this solution, as the steel structure can be equipped with the appropriate number of internal supports, the right roof pitch or other necessary equipment, such as cranes, at the request of the Entrepreneur. Individual designs are of great benefit to the Entrepreneur, as they are tailored to his or her exacting needs and any climatic conditions present in the chosen location. This type of design includes free choice of the type of structure and its dimensions, and is optimised in terms of strength and economy.

    Steel hall projects - why choose Kobexstal?

    Careful and close cooperation between the design offices and production allows the creation of a structure that is perfectly conceived, robust, functional and economical. The result is an ideal project with high utility and aesthetic qualities that will serve the investor for many years. Cooperation with architects and design offices throughout Poland results in a significant facilitation of the entire investment process. This ensures an optimal choice of concepts and solutions, maximally adapted to the expectations, needs and vision of the Entrepreneur. Choosing Kobexstal, the Investor can count on design services at the highest level, as steel hall projects are worked out to the smallest detail. What is important, apart from a professional design, the company offers prefabrication of the steel structure, its protection and delivery to the construction site and assembly.

    What are the advantages of a steel hall?

    The design of steel halls is a very important activity that can produce a structure of the highest standard. A very good structural design guarantees a robust, strong and stable building, which is resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, frost and wind. Thanks to the fact that production is controlled at every stage, the steel structure is of the highest quality, guaranteeing long-lasting and trouble-free operation. The construction of insulated and correctly levelled foundations ensures the stability and strength of the structure, even in adverse climatic and geological conditions. A specialised assembly team will install the hall quickly and efficiently. Professional installation includes the erection of the structure, the construction of a suitably sized cladding and joinery such as gates, doors, skylights and windows.

    What other advantages?

    Steel structures built by Kobexstal are characterised by excellent technical parameters. Excellent thermal insulation properties, fireproofing and anti-corrosion protection guarantee the creation of an object which is very durable, resistant to any external factors. Thanks to professional implementation of the service, the Entrepreneur does not have to worry about anything, as Kobexstal will take care of everything comprehensively, from the design to professional installation.

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    How to design a production hall?

    Production halls have for years been recognised as one of the more ergonomic, modern and functional structures. This is due to the fact that they are custom-designed (individual customer/company order) taking into account, among other things, the specific needs of the investor, the type of business conducted and the size/area of the facility. Not surprisingly, the entire project should be planned down to the smallest detail.

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    How to design a warehouse ?

    Did you know that today's warehouses have almost trebled in size over the last two decades? It is supply chain disruption and e-commerce that is driving this change. Of course, the criteria for design, layout and site selection for warehouses have changed over time. This article will discuss in detail what a correct warehouse building design is.

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    How to design an agricultural hall ?

    Agriculture is becoming more and more specialised over the years. Small farms are rapidly being absorbed by larger farming businesses. Bigger fields mean bigger harvests and more cattle to feed. Additional area for storage or livestock is then required. This used to involve a long-term investment in masonry facilities. Today, modern technology allows the swift erection of steel buildings or industrial tents. It is only up to the client which type of building will be chosen.

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    How to design an aircraft hangar ?

    Aircraft hangars play a number of key roles in the smooth operation of aviation. In many cases, their functions help improve military logistics. To ensure efficiency and safety, a hangar must be designed with a particular degree of care and professionalism.

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    How to design workshop halls ?

    Steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular. These are structures that can be quickly erected, as well as extended if necessary. The buildings are modular in design, allowing storage or workshop space to be easily expanded. A steel building can have a wide range of uses, provided it is properly designed, fabricated and erected.

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    Types of steel halls and division by purpose

    Steelwork structures continue to gain popularity in industrial construction. In the past, they were used only for warehouse buildings. Today, they are being used more and more for the production of complex and specialised industrial buildings with a wide variety of uses.

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    The use of steel structure halls – the most important information

    Modern industry needs an efficient infrastructure. It is not only the production machinery, goods or computer equipment that are important, but first of all the structure in which the company's assets will be held safely. Steel structure buildings have become increasingly popular in recent years. What are their major features and why are entrepreneurs so keen to use them in their day-to-day business activities? If you want to find out more about the application of this undoubtedly valued solution of steel structure building, then be sure to read the text below. Enjoy reading!

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