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    Modern and thriving companies often face various challenges. One of the most serious is the expansion of warehouse and production space. The need for additional investment raises many questions and doubts. Entrepreneurs wonder whether it is better to build a brick hall or a modern steel structure. Both solutions have their benefits and advantages. So what should you choose in order to minimise your investment costs? And which is better: a steel hall or a brick hall? We will dispel all your doubts!

    What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a hall?

    Every entrepreneur wants to reduce the costs associated with his or her business and therefore has to consider various options when choosing a hall. Many investors are afraid of the time-consuming construction, the enormity of the work and the high investment costs. In order to decide on a particular type of hall, he needs to answer a few questions.

    What is the purpose of the hall and under what conditions will it be used? How much time is anticipated for the construction and what budget is available for the investment, and whether the hall will be extended in the future. The timing of construction, the number of people working on the construction and the durability, functionality and aesthetics of the building are also important. After analysing the basic issues, the entrepreneur can decide what to choose, a brick or steel hall. This is a very serious decision, as the building will serve him for many years.

    Brick hall – what advantages does it have?

    Not so long ago, masonry buildings were the primary space used for warehousing, production, agriculture or livestock operations. Although steel structures are now becoming more and more popular, masonry halls have a loyal following. The advantage of a brick building is its durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain or freezing temperatures. With well-insulated walls, a masonry hall protects against heat loss, allowing the temperature inside the building to remain constant throughout the year. Traditional masonry also provides good sound insulation.

    What are the advantages of a steel hall?

    Modern steel construction is highly functional and has a high level of utility and aesthetics. Such facilities are built in accordance with European standards, which testifies to their high quality and robustness. The hall is constructed from prefabricated, purpose-built components, offering a wide range of applications that can be adapted to any type of business. The steel building is a robust and sturdy structure that is resistant to adverse external influences. The construction time is short, which is a good solution for time-sensitive investors. A great advantage of a steel construction is the possibility of expansion, which is very important for entrepreneurs who plan to expand their business. Such a hall can also be dismantled and moved to another location.

    Brick and steel halls – differences

    Although masonry buildings have their advantages, steel halls are superior to them in many respects. A steel construction can be erected at any place and at any time, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, which is not the case with masonry halls. The short construction time in relation to a masonry building is another and very significant difference. A standard steel building with a surface area of about 1,000 m2, uninsulated, can be constructed in as little as two weeks. A traditional masonry building takes considerably longer to construct. A very important aspect in favour of the steel hall is the low cost of the entire investment. Compared to masonry buildings, steel halls are much cheaper. They can be relocated and extended, which makes it possible to adapt them to the changing needs of the investor.

    Why choose to install steel structures?

    Steel halls are designed and built strictly according to Inversor’s requirements. Such buildings are an excellent alternative to traditional masonry construction because they can be adapted to all types of activities. They can be used for warehousing halls and logistics centres, as well as production, agricultural and livestock areas, cold stores, commercial halls and even aircraft hangars. The installation of a steel structure generates lower costs than a masonry hall and is quick and efficient. A steel hall uses state-of-the-art construction, making it robust, safe and durable. It can use different types of structural cladding, which are cheaper and more visually appealing than traditional masonry. The modern steel structure is protected against corrosion and painted with special fireproof paints, which guarantees its long life and protection in case of fire. In addition, it is adequately illuminated through the use of windows and skylights. If you need a low-cost, modern hall that meets all your requirements, choosing a steel hall is the best decision.

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