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    Modern industry needs an efficient infrastructure. It is not only the production machinery, goods or computer equipment that are important, but first of all the structure in which the company’s assets will be held safely. Steel structure buildings have become increasingly popular in recent years. What are their major features and why are entrepreneurs so keen to use them in their day-to-day business activities? If you want to find out more about the application of this undoubtedly valued solution of steel structure building, then be sure to read the text below. Enjoy reading!

    What is a steel structure building?

    Steelwork structures are a basic building material for making this type of facility. It is these parts that form a ‘skeleton’ or a load-bearing structure. The frame of a steelwork structure is composed of the following:

    • Columns, by far the most important component of any steel structure. They are the main load-bearing component of the structure, with wall panels, gates, doors or windows mounted on them.
    • Girders that provide stability and rigidity to the steelwork structure, including purlins and rafters.

    The aforementioned items are the basis without which it would not be possible to construct a steel structure building. Once this steelwork structure is prepared, you can install the following:

    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Gates
    • Walls
    • Roof

    Both ready-made steelwork for steel buildings and bespoke design services are currently available on the market, so a client has these options to choose from and get a personalised product. This allows customisation like the number and size of windows or the layout of entrance gates.

    Why are steel structure buildings in high demand?

    Generally, it should come as no surprise to anyone that steelwork structure buildings has already been a solution of choice both in Poland and internationally for many years. This has a number of reasons. First of all, these types of steelwork structures are characterised by:

    • High durability,
    • All purpose application,
    • Low investment,
    • Short turnaround

    Steelwork structures ensure a high level of strength

    The buildings made of steelwork structures are characterised by a high level of durability. Properly designed, they can withstand the loads from snow, rain and strong winds. Obviously, not only should one contact a designer to discuss in detail all issues related to the design and erection of a proposed company steel building, but also talk to H&S and fire safety specialists. Steelwork structures are strong, but it is essential to bear in mind that their construction must be adapted to suit a specific activity of the client company. Some argue that steelwork structures are a poor solution because of their low resistance to extreme heat. For this reason, you would be normally advised against using them wherever a high fire risk occurs. However, this piece of advice mainly refers to steel buildings erected several years ago, while nowadays, much stronger materials are used for the fabrication. What is more, fire protection measures can be implemented, such as fireproofing.

    Steel building: a versatile solution

    Where can steel buildings be used? There is no single, comprehensive answer to this question. Practice shows that structures of this type are all-purpose facilities. They are used in industries such as:

    • TSL sector (Transport, Forwarding, Logistics),
    • Production: a sprawling building made of steelwork structures is the place where the production department can be organised,
    • Cultural and recreational facilities: possible to use steel structures (including, as platforms) at the erection of a concert stage,
    • Agriculture: a steel building is the perfect place to store machinery used on an agricultural farm, for example,
    • Trade: a market place can be organised inside the steel building

    In addition to this, steel-framed buildings are also used in economic sectors such as heavy industry and shipbuilding, the energy sector, the refinery and petrochemical industries. Steelwork structures allow for the rapid construction, depending on needs, of structures such as concert stages and performance arenas, production facilities, warehouses and distribution centres, to name just a few. And that’s not all: with this type of material it is possible to create not only stand-alone buildings, but also components of larger structures. Smaller portions of steel components can be successfully used to create various types of platforms, scaffolding, escape stairs, etc.

    Low investment

    One of the decisive factors contributing to the growing popularity of steel frame buildings is the financial aspect. Firstly, steelwork structures are a much cheaper solution compared to masonry structures. Because they also have a high level of durability (see above), they are now a serious alternative to utility buildings made of brick. As the ultimate goal of business is to make a profit, it should come as no surprise that companies are constantly looking for ways to optimise costs. One effective way to achieve this is to go for steel buildings. This is not the right place to analyse the cost of erecting a steelwork building, and the final cost of the project depends on too many factors to be able to give even an approximate price. However, it is generally accepted that a steelwork structure building is 30%-50% less expensive than a masonry building.

    Short turnaround times

    Another important advantage contributing to the growing interest in steelwork structure buildings is the short turnaround time. Where does this come from? There are three reasons. Firstly, the process of erecting a masonry building (e.g. a warehouse or production building) can stretch over a period of several years. The risk of delays has been significant in recent years in particular – supply chains have been disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine. Secondly, the current domestic and global situation presents a high risk of further price increases. Experts estimate that building material prices still have the potential for further increases. As a result, the total investment may turn out to be significantly higher than the original project had envisaged. Thirdly, even in times of economic prosperity, quick and decisive action is a key prerequisite for business success. If it takes, for example, two years to erect a new brick production building, it may well be that in that time the competition has already met their strategic objectives and strengthened their positions. This is why it is definitely a better idea to choose a steel structure building. It only takes a few months to be able to deliver a new business facility and take on market competition. On the other hand, erecting a steelwork structure building usually takes no more than a few months (for less complex projects, it can take as little as a few weeks). This will allow you to avoid the risk of future material price spikes and a business is able to grow in a short period of time.

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